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Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit

Apply for a Council Tax reduction

Eligibility criteria for Council Tax reduction and how to apply.

Apply for Housing Benefit

Eligibility criteria for Housing Benefit payments and how to claim.

Provide evidence for your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction claim

Use this form to submit evidence documents online to support your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction claim.

Appeal against a Housing Benefit decision

How to appeal against a Housing Benefit decision.

Backdating your claim

How to backdate a benefit claim.

Report a change in circumstances

How to report a change in circumstances and examples of the changes you need to tell us about.

Benefit fraud

Checks we carry out on the information you provide to claim benefits and how to report suspected benefit fraud.

Deductions for people living with non-dependants

Non-dependants deduction rates and exceptions.

Housing Benefit for 2 homes

Situations you may be able to claim Housing Benefit on two homes in and how to apply.

Housing Benefit if you need to leave your home

Housing Benefit payments you may be able to get if you need to leave your home.

How spare bedrooms affect your benefit

How the number of bedrooms you have affects your Housing Benefit payments and Local Housing Allowance rates.


What happens when an overpayment occurs and how Direct Earning Attachments work.

Housing Benefit information for landlords

What you need to do if you are asked to provide evidence to support a claim for Housing Benefit.

Exceptional Hardship Payment

A discretionary award which can be made if you have exceptional financial circumstances