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Appeal against a Housing Benefit decision

If you want to know more about a decision regarding your Housing Benefit entitlement, or you think the decision we have made is wrong, you can contact us to appeal.

The appeal process

How long do I have to appeal?

You should appeal within 1 month of the date of your notification decision letter.

If you do not appeal within the 1 month limit, we may not be able to look at the decision again unless there is a reason why you delayed contacting us. In these cases, we may consider your late appeal and you should write to us and explain the reason for the delay. 


How do I appeal?

Ask us for more information

If you are unsure how we have worked out your Housing Benefit, call the Benefits Helpline on 01642 393829, or write to us for more information:

Revenues and Benefits Service
PO Box 410
TS23 2YD

Ask us to look at the way your Housing Benefit was worked out again

You should tell us why you do not agree and which part you do not agree with such as:

  • your income
  • your savings
  • the people included

If you disagree with the date your Housing Benefit has been awarded, visit our backdating your claim webpage.


What happens after I appeal?

If we decide to change how much you are awarded we will write to you. If we cannot alter our decision we will tell you why and advise you of your right of appeal to an independent tribunal.

Ask for an appeal to an independent tribunal

You can request an appeal to an independent tribunal at any time but we still have to look at your claim before sending it to an independent tribunal.

Your request must be in writing and be signed.

We will review how your benefit was worked out before we send your request, if we decide to change how much you are awarded we will write to you.

If we cannot alter our decision, full details of your claim will be sent to an independent tribunal service. The tribunal service will contact you directly to discuss next steps.

Find out more about the Independent Tribunals Service on the GOV.UK website.


Further Help

If you need further help or advice contact us.

Contact us about Housing Benefits and Council Tax Support