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Exceptional Hardship Payment

A Council Tax exceptional hardship payment is a discretionary award which can be made if you have exceptional financial circumstances making it difficult for you to pay your Council Tax.

The award is at our discretion, so we will carefully consider your individual circumstances, as we must be satisfied that your circumstances are exceptional. If your application is successful, a short-term payment will be paid directly to your Council Tax account. The payment should not be considered as a way of reducing your Council Tax charge indefinitely.

Before we consider a discretionary award you must have:

  • maximised your income
  • claimed discounts, exemptions or discretionary payments that may be available to you, including reductions for disabilities

You will need to provide evidence of your situation including providing bank statements, wage slips and essential expenditure.

To apply please complete the Council Tax Exceptional Hardship form below.

Apply for the Council Tax discretionary Exceptional Hardship Fund