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Accreditation for landlords

If you let out properties in the Borough, we can help you to meet your obligations as a landlord.

Read the government's How to Let Guide and the Stockton Rental Standard for information on how to meet your obligations as a landlord and make your lettings a success.

Our membership schemes

There are 2 membership schemes that you can apply to join in the Borough:

You will need to prove your commitment to being a good landlord as part of the application process for both schemes. This means abiding by the principles that we set out in our Stockton Rental Standard. One of the ways you can do this is by using our templates to provide clear information and instructions to your tenants.

Templates that you can use in your properties


Landlord accreditation scheme

As a member of our landlord accreditation scheme, you will have access to benefits including:

  • help from our officers in accessing services from us and our partner agencies
  • training and development opportunities
  • discounts on goods and services
  • a bond guarantee scheme
  • free advertising of your properties to let
  • discount on HMO licence fees

To be approved for the scheme, you will need to prove that you can abide by the principles of our Landlord accreditation scheme terms of reference and the Stockton Rental Standard.

Apply to join the Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Private Landlords Supporting Stockton (PLuSS)

Private Landlords Supporting Stockton (PLuSS) is a membership scheme that aims to improve housing standards and management practices. We work in partnership with the leaders of the scheme to support and educate its members.

Joining the scheme helps to prove you are committed to being a responsible landlord. If you are not a member of the scheme, we will take a more formal approach to ensuring your property meets out standards and carry out an increased inspection regime.

Learn more about PLuSS