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The Licensing Act 2003 Statement Of Licensing Policy January 2021


Where necessary, enforcement action will be taken in accordance with the principles of the Regulators' Code and the Council's Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy.

In carrying out its enforcement work, the Council will look to act in a manner that is:

  • targeted - focusing on activities that give rise to the most serious risks or where hazards are least well controlled
  • consistent - using similar approaches in similar circumstances to achieve similar ends
  • transparent - helping licence holders to understand what is expected and distinguishing between statutory requirements and guidance
  • proportionate - taking action that is proportional to the risk presented

In carrying out its functions under the Act the Council will look to promote economic growth where possible, alongside the four licensing objectives.

The Council will, where necessary, establish protocols with the local Police and other local regulators on enforcement issues to avoid duplication and to provide for the most efficient deployment resources.