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The Licensing Act 2003 Statement Of Licensing Policy January 2021

Licensing Objectives

The licensing authority carries out its functions under the Act with a view to promoting the following four objectives:-

  1. The prevention of crime and disorder.
  2. The prevention of public nuisance.
  3. The protection of children from harm.
  4. Ensuring public safety.

Each objective is of equal importance. It is relevant to note that there are no other licensing objectives, therefore these four objectives are paramount considerations at all times.

The Council recognises that balancing the interests of operators, employees, customers and neighbours of pubs, clubs, community halls and off-licenses will not always be straightforward, but it will always be guided by the four principal objectives of the Act. The Council will use its powers to promote best practice in relation to the operation of licensed premises, and to deter poor practice, with a view to achieving a continual improvement of standards over time, in the belief that this is in the long term interests of owners, employees, customers and neighbours alike.