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Arrangements for the handling of complaints and other matters

Provision and recording of information

61. The Panel will notify the Commissioner of the name and address of the Monitoring Officer, as the person to whom complaints should be directed.


62. The Panel will specify by what means the Commissioner must publish this information.


63. Where a complaint is recorded under paragraph 14, the Panel will:-

(a) supply to the complainant a copy of the record made of the complaint; and

(b) subject to paragraphs 64 to 66 inclusively, supply to the person complained against a copy of the complaint.


64. A copy of the complaint supplied under the preceding paragraph can be in a form which keeps anonymous the identity of the complainant or of any other person.


65. The Panel may decide not to supply a copy of a complaint if it is of the opinion that to do so:-

(a) might prejudice any criminal investigation or pending proceedings, or

(b) would otherwise be contrary to the public interest


66. Where the Panel decides not to supply a copy of a complaint, it will keep that decision under regular review.