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Arrangements for the handling of complaints and other matters

General Duties

6. The Panel will be kept informed in relation to a relevant office holder, about:

  • all matters with respect to which any provision of the regulations has effect;
  • anything which is done under or for the purposes of any such provision; and
  • any obligations to act or refrain from acting that have arisen under the regulations, but which have not yet been complied with or have been contravened.

7. The Panel will ensure that the Commission, and every member of the Commission's staff, is provided with all such assistance as the Commission or the member of staff may reasonably require for the purposes of, or in connection with, the carrying out of any investigation by the Commission itself under the regulations.

8. The Panel will also ensure that any person appointed by the Commission to conduct an investigation under its management, in accordance with the regulations, is given all such assistance and co-operation in the carrying out of the investigation as that person may reasonably require.