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Houses in Multiple Occupation amenity guidance

3.0 Heating

3.1  Heating shall be provided in every habitable room and bathroom. The heating shall be capable of maintaining a 21 degrees Celsius (°C) temperature difference with the external air when the outside temperature is 1°C. (The provision of insulation can assist in meeting this standard.)

3.2 Such heating provision shall be capable of being used at any time.

3.3 All heating sources shall be provided with thermostatic controls to allow the occupant(s) to regulate the temperature.

3.4 Heating may be by means of:

  • central heating
  • gas heaters connected to a suitable flue or terminal outlet
  • oil heaters connected to a suitable flue and terminal outlet
  • electricity. Any electrical heater shall be a fixed installation and connected via a fused spur for the sole use of the appliance.

The use of portable paraffin or oil fired heaters and liquefied petroleum gas heaters (LPG) (Bottled Gas heaters) shall not be acceptable under any circumstances, whether provided by the landlord or the tenant.