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Houses in Multiple Occupation amenity guidance

Categories of Houses in Multiple Occupation

There are several categories that apply to both licensable and non licensable HMOs.

Category A (Bedsit Accommodation)

These are HMOs which have been converted into a number of separate non-self-contained bedsit lettings or floor-by-floor lets. Typically there will be individual cooking facilities within each bedsit, but alternatively there may be shared cooking facilities in a communal kitchen or a mixture of the two. Toilets and bathing/washing facilities will mostly be shared. There is unlikely to be a communal living or dining room. Each bedsit will be let to separate individuals who will live independently, with little or no communal living between tenants. Each letting will have its own individual tenancy agreement and there will usually be a lock on each individual bedsit door.

Category B (Shared Houses and Shared Flats)

Houses occupied on a shared basis. Occupied by members of a defined social group e.g. students or work colleagues or friends as joint tenants. They will generally commence their occupation at roughly the same time and be jointly responsible for paying the rent and complying with tenancy conditions often under a single joint tenancy agreement. There must be a communal living room provided. Each occupant will have their own bedroom but will share the kitchen, bathroom and living room. There is usually a significant level of social interaction between the occupants, the tenants will share facilities such as laundry equipment, television etc.

Category C (Household with Lodgers)

Household with lodgers where a resident landlord rents out rooms within the property. For this type of property to be a HMO, there must be 3 or more lodgers able to reside at the property at any one time.

Category D (Hostels and Bed and Breakfast Establishments)

Houses generally referred to as "hostels", "guesthouses" and "bed-and-breakfast hotels" or the like. These will provide accommodation for people with no other permanent place of residence as distinct from hotels, which provide accommodation for temporary visitors to an area. This category would include establishments used by local authorities to house homeless families pending permanent placement and similar establishments, which provide accommodation for people who would otherwise be homeless. It would also include bona fide hotels used for such purposes, even on a casual basis, and hotels housing a mixture of homeless households and visitors.

Some or all meals may be provided on a catered basis, however some hostels operate on a fully self catering basis. There must be a communal living room and dining room, alternatively there may be rooms which provide a combination of communal areas.

Each occupant (or family) will usually have exclusive use of a room, but would share a kitchen, bathrooms and communal rooms.

Category F (Self Contained Flats within an HMO*)

Flats converted into single occupation with no sharing of amenities, all amenities are behind the front door.

*Not to be confused with flats in multiple occupation