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Annual Parking Report 2018 to 2019


Civic Enforcement Officers (CEO's) are actively encouraged to act in an ambassadorial role assisting motorists to find alternative parking opportunities where an opportunity to speak with and seek the cooperation of motorists exist. Officers are encouraged to provide help and assistance including directions to encourage visitors and support local residents and business. However, in certain circumstances the controls in place make inappropriate parking an instant contravention such as school entrances and disabled parking areas to ensure that public safety is maintained.

CEO's have powers to issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCN's) for contravention of yellow line parking, loading restrictions, on and off street parking offences, and certain instances of parking across dropped crossings. 

Enforcement is evidence led to ensure that it assists the delivery of the Council's wider transport objectives. Streets receiving the highest number of visits are those where contraventions have the greatest impact on road safety, and severely affect free-flowing traffic conditions and motorists are most likely to require assistance to find parking opportunities and avoid potential penalties. Another key role is maximising road safety, and reducing congestion outside schools. 

Enforcement also has additional powers to issue removal notices.  There are two principal types of removal notice, these being the 'immediate removal' and the '24-hour removal' which are specifically dependant on the seriousness of the danger or obstruction. There are less commonly used 7 day removal notices for vehicles constituting more of a nuisance opposed to danger or obstruction and a 15 day notice used to serve on landlords in cases of abandonment linked to non public land.

Type of noticeNumber of notices issued
Immediate Removal Notices532
24-hour Removal Notices90
7 Day Removal Notice67
15 Day Removal Notice1
Reported as Untaxed499


Bus lane enforcement

The aim of Bus lanes is to give priority to buses and in most cases pedal cycles during the prescribed hours of operation.  Bus lane enforcement is part of a wide range of measures to improve the reliability and punctuality of public transport, in addition to reducing congestion and harmful emissions. Keeping bus lanes free from other traffic reduces delays and ensures buses move swiftly throughout the Borough. 

There are four bus lanes controlled by camera enforcement, these are at the following locations:

  • Stockton High Street
  • Norton Road
  • Westbury Street
  • Mandale Road