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Litter, street cleaning and fly tipping


You can report fly tipping using our online form

Report fly tipping

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence which carries a maximum penalty of up to £50,000 or 12 months in prison. Anyone caught fly-tipping in Stockton-on-Tees could also face an on-the spot penalty of £400. Any resident who fails to correctly dispose of waste may face a fixed penalty notice or even prosecution if the waste is then fly-tipped.

Street cleaning, litter and dog fouling

You can report street cleaning and litter issues using our online forms.

Report street cleaning and litter

Report dog fouling

If you see anyone illegally disposing of waste from their cars, you can report this by emailing

Report a dangerous item

To report items which pose a risk to public safety and require immediate attention, call our Care for Your Area Team on 01642 391959.

Outside of these hours, including Bank Holidays, contact our Civic Enforcement Service on 01642 528989.


If you find a discarded needle or syringe in a public place, don't touch it and contact us straight away on 01642 391959 or complete the online reporting form. Please give us as much detail as possible about the location.

Report needles or syringes (opens new window)

Our Street Cleansing service will safely and hygienically dispose of it, using a sharps box and protective clothing.

Prescribed syringes and needles should be returned directly to GP surgeries or local pharmacies. Free sharps boxes are available from health providers for patients who need them.


The Council is responsible for removing graffiti and fly-posters from its own buildings, street furniture or monuments. There is no legal time limit for doing this. We aim to remove all hate speech and offensive, racist and sexist graffiti within 2 working days of it being reported. Where this is not possible, it will be painted over.

Report graffiti (opens new window)

Graffiti on private buildings, both domestic and commercial, is the responsibility of the owner to remove or obscure. Other structures, such as telephone boxes, bus shelters and electricity sub-stations, are the responsibility of the company that has installed them.

Keeping our borough clean and tidy

We take great pride in keeping our streets, parks and open spaces clean and tidy. Our dedicated team work 7 days a week throughout the year, across the borough.

Our responsibilities include:

  • daily cleaning of main shopping areas such as town and villages centres
  • removing grit, mud, litter, grease, debris and leaves from adopted highways, streets, council-owned car parks and other public areas.
  • cleaning of main roads, gullies, footpaths and residential streets as and when required
  • weed spraying, strimming overgrown vegetation and clearing becks and water courses.
  • removing graffiti from public land and street furniture within 36 hours or 24 hours if the material is offensive
  • removing needles and syringes within 2 hours(do not pick up needles, syringes or any other drug related items) 

We do not remove litter from private land, unadopted roads or unadopted footpaths, this is the responsibility of the land owner.

Community clean up groups

We can help to support and grow small community clean up groups by providing advice, equipment and disposal of collected rubbish. To discuss starting your own group within your area call 01642 391959.

Community Litter Picking

We are proud to support the Community Litter Picking groups set up by residents across the Stockton-on-Tees Borough. To join your local litter picking group or find out more about the work they do, follow them on social media: