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Trading Standards Service Plan 2023 to 2024

8.0 Service Context

Looking at the level of work undertaken, how it is carried out and assessing customer satisfaction levels can be used to indicate if service provision is being targeted appropriately. Some headline figures include:

Service demands

Nature of contact202020212022
Advice centre complaints and enquiries223261350
Citizens advice consumer service143116101429
Criminal complaints, enquiries, investigations and scam interventions478636572

The Citizens Advice Consumer Service gives first tier telephone advice on consumer issues. The more complex problems and those requiring follow up casework are referred onto our specialist Trading Standards Adviser.

Most complained about subject areas

Top three complained about goods and services (2022)% of total
Home maintenance, repairs and improvements22
Second-hand motor vehicles13
Tobacco related products (including vapes)13


Top three criminal complaints (2022)% of total
Fraudulent and unfair trading practices50
Product safety concerns17
Counterfeit and illicit products17


Top three requests for advice from business (2022)% of total
Fair trading issues34
Food standards including allergens, labelling and composition20
Product safety requirements16


Customer satisfaction levels 

Satisfaction levels remain exceptionally high for those using the Trading Standards Advice Centre.

YearSatisfaction index
2020/21 %97.6
201/22 %98.9
2022/23 %95.2


Redress levels

This is the amount of money that the Service has obtained in redress for local consumers and businesses.

YearRedress Obtained
2020 £193,004
2021 £133,079
2022 £300,355