School admission appeals

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Admission appeal options

There are several options that you can take if you have been refused a place at your preferred school(s).

  • You may want to do nothing and accept a place at an alternative school.
  • You may want to speak with a member of the Admissions team to discuss alternative schools or options that may be available to you. Please contact the team on 01642 526605 to discuss further.
  • Seek independent advice or help to assist with your admission appeal. Contact The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) by calling 0300 0115 142 or visit the ACE Education website.
  • Submit a School Admissions appeal for each school you wish to appeal for.


Complete a School Admissions appeal online


Please note: You must have received a formal letter of refusal before you can make an appeal. You will need to complete an appeal form and attend a formal appeal hearing, which will be heard by an independent appeal panel. The appeal provides an opportunity for the admission authority to explain why your child was refused a place at their school and, gives you the opportunity to give reasons why you believe your child should get a place at your preferred school.

The independent panel will come to a final decision based on the decision process set out in the School Admissions Appeal Code. It is advised that you read the test that is applied before making your appeal.

Please be aware that only a very small number of appeals are successful each year, you can read more about admissions appeals in England here.

Before making your appeal, we suggest you read the school’s admission arrangements on the school’s or council’s website, to understand how places are allocated and why your child was not offered a place.

You may also wish to read the governments guidance on admission appeals for school places.


Admission appeal timetable for admission September 2022

Main round admission appeals for Secondary School (Year 7 in September 2022)

  • Appeal forms must be received by the deadline date of 31 March 2022 and appeals will be heard during May/June 2022.

Main round admission appeals for Primary School (Reception in September 2022)

  • Appeal forms must be received by the deadline date of 27 May 2022 and appeals will be heard during June/July 2022.

Late Main Round Appeals – Secondary and Primary school (admission in September 2022)

You may submit a late appeal form after the deadline date, but your appeal may not be heard in advance of the new academic year for September 2022.


In year admissions appeals

If an appeal is filed in respect of an in-year admission which has been refused:

  • The appeal will be heard in accordance with the requirements of the School Admission Appeal Code 2012, and any subsequent amendment.

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