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Current and partner consultations

Consultations are key to our decision making and we ask questions on many aspects of our service planning and delivery.

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Current consultations

Stockton-on-Tees residents' survey

We want to hear your views to help shape the future of our Borough so it is a great place for everyone to live and work.

The Residents' Survey is based upon the well-researched Measures of National Wellbeing (MNW) launched by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2011.

We have 17 well-being questions that we would like you to answer for us, followed by 4 questions about the place you live. It shouldn't take you any longer than 10 minutes in total to complete. The final part of this survey is for you to share your contact details with us if you wish to be involved in future conversations and contribute your opinions.

Complete the Residents' Survey online

If you'd prefer to fill in a paper copy, you can collect one from your local library - find your nearest library here.

People affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use survey

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Public Health is looking for your views on the support available for families and carers, who have been affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use. We would like people aged over 16-years-old living in Stockton-on-Tees who have been affected by someone else's substance use to complete this survey. This will help Public Health better understand the current needs of local people who are affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use, or involvement in the drugs trade; how current support services are used in the Borough; and opportunities to improve the support available to families, friends, and carers.

The survey will close on Sunday 7 January 2024 and it is expected to take up to 15 mins to complete.

People affected by someone else's drug or alcohol use survey

Do you live, work, study, or have another affiliation with Stockton?

Tell us what you think of the central area of Stockton. Your input will be integrated in the Stockton Blueprint that will guide the future development of Stockton. Answer question or add a pin to an interactive map to give your feedback on what you'd like to see in the Stockton central area.

Stockton Central Blueprint Consultation

Healthy Streets Consultation

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council are aiming to make streets and spaces in your area more attractive, safer and welcoming to use, to provide the opportunity for more walking, cycling and spending time outside. To do this we would like to understand how you view and use your local streets. How do you choose to get around your neighbourhood? How do you feel about the street? How does this impact on how you use the street and what changes do you feel could be made to make the streets more attractive and welcoming to use? If you're from one of the two target areas, you can complete a short survey to help us to understand the current issues and how you think your streets can be improved.

Two target areas have been identified as part of the Healthy Streets pilot project: Bedford Street in Newtown and High Newham Road, Hardwick.

Visit the Healthy Streets consultation page

Licensing Applications

View current licensing consultations and representations made.

Consultations by our partners

In this section you can see ongoing consultations conducted by our partners in Stockton-on-Tees, as well as nationally.

Consultation terms and conditions

For consultation data quality management purposes, we reserve the right to remove individual sets of responses from final consultation data sets where it is clear that responses are either duplicated, inappropriate or submitted using false personal details.