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Altering your home

If you want to alter your home or add an extension, check whether you need planning permission or building control approval before you start.

Check if you need planning permission

You may need planning permission if you are:

  • extending your home by constructing an extension or a dormer window
  • putting up a garage
  • putting up a boundary fence or wall
  • extending your garden onto adjacent land
  • hard paving the front of your garden
  • putting up outbuildings or garden structures, such as a summer house, shed or swimming pool
  • having a wind turbine installed

You can find detailed guidance on when you need planning permission on the Planning Portal.

Apply for planning permission


Check if you need building control approval

Work that usually requires a building control application:

  • extensions
  • loft conversions
  • new buildings
  • removal or alteration of a load-bearing wall
  • installation of sanitary applications such as baths and toilets
  • underpinning
  • removal of a chimney breast that requires structural support
  • cavity wall insulation
  • installation of replacement windows
  • change of building use

You will not normally need to apply for building control approval if you are constructing:

  • a porch
  • a conservatory
  • a detached garage or shed
  • a carport
  • a covered walkway
  • a greenhouse
  • a temporary building

You can find detailed guidance on building control for specific projects on the Local Authority Building Control website

Apply for building control approval


Get help from your builder or designer

The company you are employing to do your work can also handle your planning and building control applications. This can be a big help if you are new to building projects and unsure about what permissions you need.