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Adoption of highways

We can take ownership of private streets to be maintained at public expense.

How does it work?

If you are the developer or land owner of any street being adopted, you must enter into an agreement with the Council and pay a deposit and inspection fees.

We only consider adopting existing private roads if they satisfy our current standards and owners of private streets can be expected to contribute towards costs.

We will only consider adopting any highways (including carriageways, footways, verges, footpaths and cycleways incorporating suitable drainage and lighting) that are designed and constructed in accordance with Tees Valley's Design Guide Specification. This guide contains full details of the adoption procedure and policy.

Sewers on new development sites must be adopted by Northumbrian Water Limited prior to the road being adopted.

If you need any further information on the adoption of highways or any of the details contained within the Design Guide Specification or wish to recieve a copy of the Street Lighting Design Guide Specification, contact us on