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Street naming and numbering

We are responsible for the naming and numbering of streets and buildings in the Borough.

We assign names and numbers to help with the delivery of all mail, goods and services to residents and businesses. It also allows emergency services to quickly locate any address they may need to go to.

We allocate road names and house numbers to new developments and property conversions. Royal Mail allocate postcodes.

Requests for new postal addresses

Who should apply?

You should make a request for a new postal address if you are :

  • building new houses, commercial and/or industrial premises
  • undertaking conversions of residential, commercial or industrial premises which will result in the creation of new properties or premises or the reconsolidation of flats and sub dwellings into one property


When should I apply?

Requests for postal addressing must be made in the early stages of any new build because utility companies are reluctant to install a service where an official postal address has not been allocated.


How to apply

Requests must be made to the Highway Network and Flood Risk Management Team by email or post:

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Highway Network and Flood Risk Management

Community Services and Transport PO Box 229

Kingsway House


TS23 2YL

You should provide the following information:

  • a location plan clearly identifying the new scheme in relation to any existing streets or means of access
  • a detailed plan of the development showing the approved road layout clearly marked with the properties, frontages and plot numbers (this plan must indicate the postal delivery point for each property in context to the adjacent highway)
  • for developments that are sub-divided at unit or floor level for example, a block of flats, an internal layout plan should be provided (this plan shall be clearly marked to show the main entrance to the property in relation to the adjacent highway)
  • for any new street, the applicant should suggest possible street names (several suggestions should be made in case the Council or Royal Mail object)



Requests for new street names

Property developers are encouraged to suggest names for new streets. These will be checked to ensure they are appropriate.

Street naming is subject to the following criteria:

  • new street names should avoid duplicating any similar names already in use within Stockton-on-Tees Borough (a variation in the suffix, for example Drive, Avenue or Close will not be accepted as sufficient reason to duplicate a street name)
  • names for consideration need to be unique to avoid confusion or misunderstanding
  • where possible street names should reflect the historical or geographical significance of the area (names with a common theme are preferable on large developments)
  • naming a street after living individuals will be considered. The individual should have made an outstanding contribution to society or hold historical significance in the local area . The decision will be referred to the Director of Community Services and Transport and the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport in consultation with Full Council)
  • naming of streets after individuals posthumously will be allowed. We will only consider requests  once you have obtained approval from the named person's family or estate administrators
  • street names must not contain numeric characters
  • street names that could be viewed as marketing or that promote a company, service or product are not acceptable
  • street names should not be capable of being twisted into obscene meanings and must not cause offence
  • all punctuation, including apostrophes, shall be avoided. For example, St John's Way will be officially recorded as St Johns Way
  • a parcel of land, such as a farmer's field, cannot be given an official address. Only properties with the relevant planning consents on that parcel of land can have a conventional address that enables mail delivery and services


Allocation of new postal addresses and new streets

Once the Council has allocated new Postal Addresses and/or new Street Names we ensure that all relevant and statutory authorities and emergency organisations are notified of new address and street designations. We also inform Royal Mail  who is responsible for postcode allocation.

We will not notify relevant authorities until we have received all required payments from you.

The Royal Mail will not allocate a postcode unless they have received formal notification of a new address or street designation from us.

All new addresses are allocated in accordance with British Standard BS7666 :2006 



Naming and numbering serviceFee
Developments£230 per road name and £16 per plot
Developments which do not include a new road name£110 per plot
Re-naming a property£60


Further information

More detailed information is available in our Street Naming and Numbering Policy

We will accept no responsibility for costs incurred by individuals or property developers for failure to follow the Street Naming and Numbering policy from which the above guidance has been produced.