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Wynyard Woodland Park consultation

Date consultation closed

30 April 2021


We are currently seeking ways of improving the visitor experience at Wynyard Woodland Park. By completing this survey, you will help us to get a better understanding of how the park is used today and what changes visitors might wish to see. We will then use this information when developing any future plans for the park.

Wynyard Woodland Park is divided into two main areas:

  • The South Site: near Thorpe Thewles and the A177. This area includes the former railway station with its tearoom, the play area, the planetarium and a large car park.
  • The North Site: near Wynyard and the A689. This area includes the extensive wooded areas of Tilery and Brierley Woods and has a smaller car park just off the A689.

The two sites are connected by the former railway line, now part of National Cycle Route 1.

Results and outcomes

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council recently undertook a visitor survey of both the Northern and Southern parts of Wynyard Woodland Park. Nearly 400 people completed survey forms for the two locations. 

When asked what 5 things would most enhance their visit to Wynyard Woodland Park, these were the top responses:

  • marked cycle trails for walking and cycling (50% in the south, 44% in the north)
  • in the southern part of the site 49% would like to see improved toilets and 39% improved catering
  • seasonal markets and stalls (41%)
  • at the northern end of the site 29% of respondents would like to see provision of catering facilities, and 41% the provision of toilets
  • better quality footpaths (35% in the south, 45% in the north)
  • respondents from Wynyard in particular would like to see better access links to the Country Park from the village

We will now assess the information provided and establish ways of improving the park in future.