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Plan a street party

If you are looking to hold a street party, all you need to do is submit an event application form at least 4 weeks in advance. We aim to respond to each application within 10-15 working days.

We are keen to support as many applications as possible and have allocated some resources to help residents with their party planning and delivery. Support may include paying for road closures and providing appropriate signage, frames, sandbags and cones.

Street Party Information and Guidance

The following Information and Guidance relates to street parties where groups of residents get together with their neighbours.


When planning a street party, the number one tip is to plan early and to share jobs out amongst neighbours. Make sure the people in your street are on board and begin to think about date, time and location.

Once you have an outline of your street party, you need to submit a street party application. Your application will provide us with important information about what you are planning and what support/advice will be needed from the Council.

Once your street party application has been approved, it is time to tell your neighbours! Ask if people would like to be involved and help by providing tables, seating, food and entertainment etc. It's a great way to celebrate and meet your neighbours!


Road Closures

For most small parties in quiet residential streets and where you need to close a road, the Council will need to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order. We will need to know certain information such as where and when you want the road closure to take place. The Council's Highways Team will then assess the impact of closing the road e.g. bus routes, through roads and we will advise you if your closure is possible. Road closures in quiet residential roads/cul-de-sacs are usually acceptable. 

You will need to advise all residents/neighbours affected by the road closure about the dates and times, so they can plan accordingly.

The Council has a supply of road closure signage and cones which can be provided to communities/residents.


Emergency Access

As part of your planning, you should ensure that Emergency Service Vehicles are able drive down the street at all times during the event. 



You are welcome to provide alcohol at your street party or encourage neighbours to bring their own drinks.

If you intend on selling alcohol, you will need to apply for a TENS licence (temporary events notice). This costs £21 and covers events of fewer than 500 people. Please indicate this on the Application Form and this will be assessed by the Council's Licensing Team.



You don't need an entertainment licence (whether the music is live or pre-recorded), as long as your street party is private for residents and you haven't advertised the music to make money or attract people. Any music should be kept within the hours of 8am - 11pm, and noise kept to a minimum outside of these times. 



You do not have to register a lottery (which includes raffles, sweepstakes and tombolas) if you are running an 'incidental lottery'. Gambling regulations don't apply if tombola or raffle tickets are sold on the day and the prizes aren't worth more than £500 in total (or rolled over from one event to another).


Food Safety

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has confirmed that one-off events, such as street parties, aren't usually considered food businesses, so you don't need to complete any registration. However, you must ensure that any food provided is safe to eat.

Visit the Food Standards Agency for useful guidance on community events, including advice around food safety and food allergens.

If you are considering a community BBQ as part of your Street Party, visit the Food Standards Agency for some useful information around staying 'food safe' when cooking and preparing food for a BBQ.



Gazebos and other structures

If you are planning on using any gazebos or tents at your street party, you should ensure they are built and erected properly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Gazebos and tents should be weighed down and not staked into green spaces.

Throughout the event you should be mindful of weather conditions, in particular strong winds which will impact on any structures. Any gazebo or structure you use should be weighted down, in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines.


Serious incidents have occurred where inflatables have collapsed or blown away in windy conditions. There are rigorous safety standards in place for inflatables and if you are considering using any bouncy castle or other play inflatables on council land you will need to obtain permission from Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council. Please email in the first instance.



You do not usually need to have public liability insurance cover for a small residential street party. However, if you think insurance would be a good idea, have a look at the advice on the Street Party website and The Big Lunch website and shop around. The Big Lunch have negotiated special rates for street party insurance starting at just £28, which can be split between people attending, or you could ask for donations to cover the costs.


Risk Assessment

You do not need to produce a formal risk assessment for a street party however you may want to think ahead about minimising any potential risks and having contingency plans in place.  For example, you may want to use plastic/paper plates and cups instead of breakables or ensure any electrical equipment is kept dry.


Clean Up Arrangements 

It is your responsibility to ensure that all litter, bottles, cans, cups, leftover food stuffs, catering equipment etc. is cleared away. The Council's Cleansing Team has a limited supply of refuse bags that they can issue to those holding street parties. Any rubbish should be bagged up prior to the reopening of road closures, stored securely and can be put out for collection on the next waste collection date.



Please be aware of the latest Coronavirus restrictions and advice. For the latest information and how the rules may affect your event see the Government website.

If you have any other queries around street parties, contact or call 01642 527312.


Further Advice and Guidance

The following links provide further guidance and useful tips for organising a street party: