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Smoke control

We enforce smoke control areas and respond to reports of smoke that is causing problems for residents.

Tell us about a problem with smoke

If smoke is stopping you enjoying your home, we might be able to help you resolve it.  

We can investigate issues with dark smoke which tends to be more polluting.  

Report smoke that is causing a nuisance

Smoke control areas

Most of the Borough is covered by a smoke control area, this means that you can only burn authorised fuels or by using an exempt appliance.

Learn more about smoke control areas

Places not covered by smoke control areas

The following villages and rural areas are not covered by the smoke control programme:

  • Aislaby
  • Stillington
  • Longnewton
  • Carlton
  • Thorpe Thewles
  • Redmarshall
  • Elton
  • Urlay Nook
  • Kirklevington
  • Grindon
  • Whinney Hill
  • Wynyard
  • Ingleby Barwick (apart from Lowfields Village)
  • Hilton


Garden bonfires

Smoke control area legislation does not cover garden bonfires. However, we can serve an abatement notice requesting that a person stop burning in their garden if it is causing a problem to their neighbours. If they do not comply with this notice, we can take legal action.

If you are using bonfires to dispose of waste, consider using our services instead. We can help you to remove all types of waste.

Learn more about how to dispose of waste