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School transfers and in-year admissions

School transfers, or in-year admissions, usually take place because a child is moving to a new address or is new to the area.

Before you apply

Before you apply, you need to consider whether a school transfer is best for your child and their education.

If your child has a statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health and Care Plan, contact the SEN and engagement team at

School transfers that are unrelated to a move

Changing schools during the school year could affect your child's education as each school teaches the National Curriculum differently and at different times of the academic year.

If your child is already attending a school, try to resolve any issues with them before requesting a move.

How to apply

You will need to do a few things as part of your application.

Discuss the move with your child's current school

You should discuss your child's move with the school.

If you are requesting a move from another school within the UK, especially from within Stockton-on-Tees, you need to provide information from your current school as part of your application form.

If you are moving from another country, you do not have to provide information from your child's previous school but it will help your child's transition if you can.

The information helps to make sure that your child's transition goes smoothly. It is not used in the allocation process and will not disadvantage your child during the move.


Choose a new school

You can apply to up to 3 state schools. To help you decide which school is best for your child, you can look at their websites or arrange visits. 

We cannot guarantee a place in one of the schools you applied for as some schools will be full.

Find a school


Proof of your address

You should provide your current address, your new address and tell us when the move is due to take place.

To prove when you are moving into your new home, you must provide one of the following:

  • you have sold or are in the process of selling your previous property
  • your previous tenancy agreement has ended


Apply for a school transfer

When you have completed the steps above, contact us to apply for a school transfer. You should apply for your transfer no earlier than 4 weeks before you need the new place.

01642 526605
Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council
Municipal Building
Church Road
TS18 1XE

If you are in the armed forces or you are a Crown Servant to the area, you can contact us as soon you have a Unit Postal address or a quartering area address. You will need to provide an official letter confirming your relocation date and this address as part of your application.

After you apply

If we have all the information we need, you should hear about the outcome of your application within 10 school days of submitting your application. If none of the school you have applied to have a space, you should receive an alternative offer within 15 school days.

If you have applied to a community or voluntary-controlled school, the Local Authority will contact you let know the outcome of your application. If you applied to a voluntary-aided, academy, or free school, the school will contact you themselves.

If none of the schools you listed can offer a place and your child still needs a school place, we will offer a place at the school that is nearest to your home and has space. If your child already has a place at a school they can continue to attend, we will not offer an alternative.

It is not always possible for us to place multiple children in the same school.

If you are refused a place at one of your preferred schools, you can submit an appeal.