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Help for private sector tenants

Find out how we can support you in finding and maintaining your privately-rented property.

The government's How to rent a safe home guide provides all the information you need to make your private tenancy a success.

We can also help you with your private tenancy.

Get help with a repair

Your landlord is responsible for repairing:

  • the structure and outside of the building, including the walls, stairs and bannisters, roof, external doors and windows
  • sinks, baths, toilets, pipes and drains
  • heating and hot water
  • chimneys and ventilation
  • gas appliances
  • electrical wiring
  • entrance halls, communal stairways and shared kitchens

If your landlord has not carried out a repair that you have reported, contact our private sector housing team.


Check whether your landlord is accredited

When you are looking to rent a property, you can contact our private sector housing team to check whether your prospective landlord is accredited.


Get help with harassment or illegal eviction

If your landlord is attempting to evict you illegally or harassing you in anyway, contact our homelessness and housing options team for advice. Let us know that you are having trouble before you leave your property.

Examples of harassment or illegal eviction include:

  • threats, abuse or actual violence
  • threatening you if you refuse to leave the property
  • physically throwing you out
  • cutting off or interfering with services (gas, water or electricity supply)
  • entering your home without your permission
  • changing the locks
  • removing your belongings
  • constant telephone calls and/or text messages


Contact us

Private sector housing team

Contact the private sector housing team if you need us to investigate a repair or you need help with finding an accredited landlord.

Homelessness and housing options team

Contact the homelessness and housing options team if your landlord is harassing you or trying to evict you illegally

During service hours:

Service opening times are:

  • Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm
  • Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Outside of these times including weekends, contact the Emergency Duty team on:

  • 01642 524552