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Pest control

We can help with pest problems in your home or business.

Pest control services for your home

Rented properties

Contact Thirteen if you are a current tenant and you need help with pests.

If you live in a private-rented property, your landlord is responsible for dealing with pest issues. They should contact us for information about our commercial pest control services


Free pest control services for homeowners

You can access our free pest control services if you have problems with:

  • rats
  • mice (indoors)
  • cockroaches
  • bed bugs


Paid pest control services for homeowners

We provide pest control services for the following issues for a fee of £42 (inclusive of VAT):

  • ants and flies
  • bees and wasps
  • biscuit beetles
  • carpet beetles
  • fleas and mites
  • moles and squirrels
  • pigeons
  • silverfish


Alongside pest control services, we can also offer general advice on pest control and help with pest identification.

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Pest control services for commercial properties

If you own a commercial property, you can request:

  • a one-off pest control visit
  • regular visits as part of a contract between you and us


One-off visits cost £40 plus VAT and the cost of materials. Any additional visits we need to make after that will cost £20 plus VAT and the cost of materials.

Prices for regular contracts are determined individually.

Contact us

Contact us to learn more about commercial pest control. 

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