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Parking waivers

We issue parking waivers in exceptional circumstances when someone is required to park a vehicle near to a property where waiting restrictions apply.

Parking waivers are normally issued when construction or maintenance work is taking place.

You will receive a digital waiver which is linked to your number plate, no paper permit will be issued.

How to apply

You can apply and pay for your waiver online by credit or debit card.

Apply for a parking waiver

You will need the following details: 

  • name of company and driver
  • registration number of vehicle
  • make and model of the vehicle
  • location the vehicle wishes to park in
  • date from and to the waiver is required


  • £10 per day
  • £50 for 1 week
  • £75 for 1 month
  • £200 for 1 year

The duration of the waiver can be extended by advance notification and payment to the parking office.

After your waiver has been issued

Once your waiver has been issued you must move your vehicle on the instructions of a police officer, traffic warden or civil enforcement officer.

Further information

Read our parking waiver terms and conditions for further information

Examples of reasons a vehicle would be eligible for a waiver

Examples of reasons a vehicle would be eligible for a waiver are:

  • the vehicle is a mobile workshop with a workbench and tools that are fixed to the vehicle and cannot be unloaded (this must be necessary for the work)
  • there is a generator fixed to the vehicle that is required to power tools that are necessary to complete the work
  • there is a pump fixed to the vehicle, which is required to complete the work
  • there is a fixed gas supply, or where the gas tanks are too large to remove from the vehicle, and this supply is required for the work at hand, for example for welding or refilling fire extinguishers
  • the vehicle is carrying hazardous materials which are chemicals that are officially a danger to health and they are present in large quantities and there is insufficient secure storage for them on the site (asbestos removal would also qualify, where full precautions including on-site wash-down facilities are required)
  • where space is very restricted and there is no space available to offload materials or store debris until a load is ready (a waiver for this reason would only be issued after a site inspection to confirm that the waiver is necessary)

We will not issue a waiver if tools and materials can be unloaded from your vehicle.