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Library fees and charges

The following fees and charges apply.

Borrowing items 



 Adult spoken word

 Free for 3 weeks                               

 Language courses

 £1.90 for 3 weeks


 Free for 3 weeks


Late returns and fines



Language courses

 Late return charges as per books.

Replacement library card

 £2. Concession £1 for the unwaged and people with a disability.


Charges for other services

Printing and photocopies

A4 black and white10p per print or copy
A3 black and white20p per print or copy
 A4 or A3 black and white for job seeking purposes5p per print or copy
A4 or A3 black and white for homework purposesfree to children for a maximum of 6 prints or copies
A4 colour 40p per print or copy
A3 colour45p per print or copy
Printing from the Ancestry website10p per print

Printing and photocopying is free to children for homework purposes (maximum of 6 black and white copies)


Multiple copies

A4 black and white

Over 25 pages - 8p per copy

Over 50 pages - 5p per copy

A3 black and white

Over 25 pages - 16p per copy

Over 50 pages - 10p  per  copy

A4 colour 

Over 25 pages - 28p per copy.

Over 50 pages - 18p per copy

A3 colour

Over 25 pages - 32p per copy

Over 50 pages - 20p per copy


Printing from our local history microfilm readers

A4 45p per print 
A3 65p per print 



A4 60p per laminated sleeve
A3 £1.10 per laminated sleeve




UK - £1.30 per page and concession - 75p per page
Europe and International - £1.80 per page and concession - £1 per page

Incoming 55p per page and concession - 28p per page


Images from Picture Stockton

up to A4 

£10 per image for personal use

£30 per image for commercial use

Images in publications

black and white - £40 per image

colour - £50 per image


Reserving items

There is a charge of £1.20 per item for reserving items that are not in our stock. We will ask you to pay this charge when you make the reservation and it is not subject to supply of the item or notification.