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Independent advocates

We are here to help give people as much control as possible in their life.

The Care Act 2014 requires us to arrange an independent advocate for adults who have substantial difficulty in being involved in assessments, care planning and care reviews, where the adult does not have someone appropriate to support them. 

Independent advocates can:

  • assist an adult who finds it difficult to have their say in their care and support or support if they are a carer
  • support an adult to understand local authority information and assist them to express their views and wishes

Independent advocacy is about giving people as much control as possible in their lives. 

During the first contact, we will make sure the adult is able to be involved in the local authority processes or if they will have difficulty.  

Where an adult has substantial difficulty, we will assess the situation and decide if they will need help.  

If an adult does have substantial difficulty, we will arrange for an Independent Advocate to support and represent the adult. The adult may already have someone appropriate, who is able to represent and support them.  

Request a care assessment through our First Contact Team:

What is an appropriate representative?

An appropriate representative will be asked to support the adult in the assessment, care planning and review processes. They can be a:

  • family member
  • friend
  • neighbour

We as a local authority will determine if the adult is able to be involved in the local authority processes or they will have difficulty with:

  • understanding information 
  • retaining information 
  • using or weighing up the information as part of the process of being involved 
  • communicating their views, wishes or feelings

The person cannot be employed by the adult or know them in a professional capacity to provided care or support for them.

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