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Empty property

We can support you if you need help with an empty property that you own or an empty property that you are concerned about.

If you own an empty property

If you own an empty property, contact us for help finding a use for it. We can support you with:

  • advertising your property for rent (if they are accredited landlords)
  • getting a VAT reduction for renovation work
  • keeping your empty home safe and secure
  • selling to a private developer or a registered housing provider
  • selling on the open market
  • selling at auction

If we are unable to work with property owners and a property remains empty or unsafe, we can use a range of enforcement action

Advice for keeping your empty home safe

Keeping your property safe and secure

If you own an empty property, you need to keep it properly secured and maintained to make sure it does not become a nuisance for residents in the local area. We recommend that you:

  • check the property regularly
  • give your contact details to neighbours so they can let you know about any problems
  • hang curtains or blinds so that the property looks occupied
  • insure the property
  • maintain gardens and exterior spaces
  • repair any damage


Insuring your empty property

You need to have home insurance if you have a mortgage on the property. Many home insurance policies become invalid if a property is left empty for 1 to 3 months. Check with your insurance provider that your insurance is valid and find out what to do if not. 


Preventing damage

It is always best to try to prevent damage. We recommend that you:

  • consider draining down the property if it is going to be empty for a long period of time
  • fit new washers to leaking taps
  • insulate your loft and the sides of your water tanks
  • know where your stop tap is and check whether you can turn it off easily in an emergency
  • put the heating on for short periods in cold weather


Avoiding property fraud

Property fraud is more likely if your property is empty. It can take many forms, including fraudsters using the address of your empty property to access credit cards and loans or claiming ownership of the property to raise money from selling it.

We recommend that you:

  • check any documents you are asked to sign
  • make sure your property and title are registered with HM Land Registry
  • ensure your details on the Land Registry are up to date
  • keep your details up-to-date with your utility providers


If you need support with an empty property that you do not own

If there is an empty that you are concerned about, contact us to get help.

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