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Elective Home Education Policy


This document sets out the current legal position regarding elective home education and outlines the council's policy and procedures to ensure every child in Stockton-on-Tees engages in a suitable full time education in a safe and appropriate setting.

The term Elective Home Education (EHE) describes a child's educational provision outside of the school system in cases where parents/carers have made the decision to take full responsibility for the education of their child as an alternative to sending the child to school. Elective Home Education is different from and should not be confused with home tuition which is provided by the school where the child is registered as a pupil.

There are a variety of reasons why a parent may decide to home educate their child. Such a decision should be carefully considered and not made as a reaction to an unresolved difficulty or disagreement between the parent, child and the school. Parents should be aware that in making the decision to home educate their child they will be responsible for all costs associated with educational provision.

Whilst education is compulsory, attending school to receive an education is not. Whilst parental preference is respected, it is the council's belief that education in a school provides the greatest scope for children to access the fullest range of opportunities and receive a good standard of education.

The Council's Elective Home Education Officer will endeavour to establish a positive working relationship with parents/carers and children who are educated at home. It is the council's view that a positive relationship where all parties work together best serves the interests of the child and parent/carer.