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Doorstop crime

The Doorstoppers and No Cold Calling Zones Scheme looks to reduce crime and the fear of crime arising from doorstep callers, bogus workmen, high pressure salespeople, bogus officials and distraction burglary.

This type of criminal behaviour can impact on anybody in any place but research shows that older people are particularly vulnerable, especially those who live alone.

No Cold Calling Zones

View the No Cold Calling Zones currently in operation.

The aim of these zones is to reduce the number of bogus callers, distraction burglaries and rogue traders operating in your area.

New zones will be considered in suitable locations with over 50% older or vulnerable residents. The majority of residents must also be in support of the proposal before the scheme can go ahead.

Door Step Crime Watch Zones

View current the Door Step Crime Watch Zones currently in operation.

In these zones residents' awareness of the problems with doorstep callers is increased but cold calling is allowed to continue.

Door stickers are issued so that residents can individually say "No Cold Calling Here" if they wish.

Further advice

You can register with a number of preference services to stop some direct marketing companies making contact.


Visit the MPS website to limit the amount of direct mail you receive.

Nuisance calls

Visit the TPS website to opt out of sales and marketing calls.

If you are a BT customer, you can set up BT Call Protect.

Visit the BT website for more information.