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Dedicated trees

A dedicated tree can make a fitting tribute or memorial to a loved one, or can be used to commemorate a special occasion such as a birth, birthday, wedding or anniversary.

How to apply

Make a dedicated tree enquiry

Tree planting details

We will arrange to supply and plant all requested dedicated trees within council-owned parks, cemeteries and open spaces. We plant trees in the planting season between November and March.

Selected tree species and planting location is based on:

  • the suitability of the site
  • available planting locations
  • the nature of the existing tree cover and landscape design
  • suitability of tree species to site for example use of native or non-native
  • eventual mature size, tree growth characteristics and suitability to setting
  • visual appearance and amenity value
  • contribution to wildlife diversity
  • landscape character and number of other trees present


After the tree has been planted

Dedicating a tree in a park, cemetery or open space means that it is placed there for all users to enjoy and becomes public property.

Floral tributes or any other tribute are not permitted to be left around the tree and any found will be removed and disposed of.

The Council will be responsible for the maintenance of the tree and associated stakes and tree protection (although these will be removed once the tree is established).

If the tree dies prematurely during the initial 5-year establishment period, we will replace the tree in the next planting season (November to March).

Every effort will be made to ensure trees are maintained and cared for during their full natural life.

In some situations, it may be necessary to remove a tree if:

  • the tree is dead, dying, diseased or becomes a danger to the public
  • the tree is in an area that is later designated for re-development

If a tree is removed, a replacement tree will be provided at a new location. This will be within a reasonable distance from the original location if possible.

Tree plaques

If requested, the Council will arrange the placement of a tree plaque next to the dedicated tree. Details relating to tree plaques are on the application form.

Plaques are installed either at the time of tree planting or shortly afterwards. It is normally not possible to add the plaque much later, or install one at the base of an existing tree, as this may cause damage to the tree roots.

The Council will not be responsible for any loss or damage to plaques once installed.

Further information

For further information contact Care For Your Area on 01642 391959 or email



Fees do not need to be paid as part of your enquiry, your application will need to be considered before you make any payment.

ServiceFeeVAT 20%Total cost
Supply, planting and maintenance of dedicated tree, including associated stakes and wire mesh protection£250.00£50.00£300.00
Supply, planting and maintenance of dedicated tree, including associated stakes and wire mesh protection and supply and placement by the Council of dedicated memorial plaque£550.00£110.00£660.00