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Children's privacy - your rights

As a Council we may hold some information about you such as: 

  • your name
  • your age
  • where you live
  • a photograph of you
  • what library books you've read

This is called personal information and it is data that tells us about you as a person. 

You have a right to tell us what information you would like us to have and what you are happy for us to do with it. Sometimes we might need to have certain details about you so we can provide you with a service, or because the law says we have to, but we will let you know this when you give us your personal information. 

Your information and your rights 

You have the right to ask for the following:

  • ask us for a copy of all the information we hold about you - you might want to do this if you want to check exactly what the Council knows about you
  • ask for us to change some information if you think it is wrong - we might have spelt your name wrong or you have moved house and need us to change your address
  • ask us to delete your information if you don't want us to have it anymore - maybe you asked us to send you emails about social events happening in Stockton but you want us to stop
  • ask us to stop using your information in a certain way - sometimes you might be happy for us to take your photograph to display in the library but you don't want us to use the photo in leaflets or on Facebook
  • tell us not to use your information for some services the Council offers - you might not want us to use your details to send you invitations to activities organised by the Council
  • ask us to transfer your information electronically so someone else can use it - you might want us to do this if you move house and want us to send any information our libraries have about you to another library where you now live
  • ask us not to use a computer to make decisions about you - if you think we have made a decision about you using only a computer you can ask us why this decision was made and how it might affect you

If you want to ask us to do any of these things you can speak to any member of staff who will be able to help, or contact the Information Governance team: