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Bereavement Services fees and charges

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or debit or credit card.

To view our cremation fees, visit our Stockton-on-Tees Crematorium website.

Purchase of the Exclusive Right of Burial and Right to Erect and Maintain a Memorial

ServiceTime lengthFee
Graves in traditional and lawn sections (including solid purchase, and purchase of existing grave)100 years£910
Old Reservation Graves50 years£460
Babies' Burial Gardens  25 years£110
Cremated Remains Gardens  25 years£235
Transfer of the Exclusive Right of Burial (where party deceased)Not applicable£75
Assignment of the Exclusive Right of Burial (where parties are living)Not applicable£35
Addition of Name/s to the Exclusive Right of Burial (where parties are living)Not applicable£35


Burial Fees 

Private (for 2) - 17 Years or under fee waived£690
Private (for 3) - 17 Years or under fee waived£765
Baby interment with a baby burial pot£250
Interment of cremated remains (with or without casket) in Cremated Remains Grave only£180
Scattering of cremated remains (on any grave that is classed as full)£60
Interment of clinical samples£85


Fees relating to Durham Road Extension only 

ServiceTime lengthFee
Grave Rights in pure lawn with concrete plinth100 years£1,015
Grave Rights with part personalisation collar with membrane, chippings and nameplate 100 years£1,100
Grave Rights with a large personalisation collar with reinforcement grid, supports, membrane, chippings and nameplate     100 years   £1,365


Memorial fees 

Memorial Approval and Commemoration

Headstone (including single inscription)£285
Vase - not exceeding 30cms (12ins)£95
Wooden Cross£95
Additional inscription£95
Babies Burial Garden Memorial (restricted size)£95
Cremated Remains Garden Memorial (restricted size)£95
Desk-top Tablet Memorial (restricted size)£95
Memorial Flat Plaque (restricted size)£95
Refurbishment of Existing Headstone £20


Commemorative Memorial Wall Plaques (leased for 20 years)  

Personal designs are priced individually.

Small plaque 12 inches by 3 inches

Inscription only£249
With standard brochure design£297
With single small ceramic photo plaque£309
With two small individual ceramic photo plaques£375


Large plaque 12 inches by 6 inches

Inscription only£297
With standard brochure design£321
With single small ceramic photo plaque£357
With two small individual ceramic photo plaques£447


Fees for searches and copies of entries  

Family research (per search)£15
Copy of Grave Deed£15


Exhumation fees   

Exhumation from any gravePrice on application
Exhumation of cremated remainsPrice on application


Other services

Saturday Morning Interment - adult£300
Saturday Morning Interment - Cremated Remains£120
Postponement or cancellation charge £110
Late fee£110


Notes about our fees 

Double interments - (where the bodies of two members of one family are interred at the same time) the lesser of the two interment fees will be reduced by half.

Double fees for non-residents of the Borough - Where a non-resident is to be buried in an existing grave to be reunited with a family member, there will be no double fee charged. Where a non-resident is to be buried in a new grave and has not resided in the Borough of Stockton-on-Tees during the 5 years preceding their death the Interment fee and Purchase of the Rights of Burial fee will be doubled.

Full adult grave spaces will not be sold for the interment of cremated remains only.