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Annual Parking Report 2019 to 2020

Challenges, Representations and Appeals

The purpose of a PCN is to encourage compliance with parking restrictions. The issue of a PCN should act as a deterrent and hopefully through time re-educate drivers to ensure parking regulations are adhered to. CEO's will only issue a PCN where they are convinced from the evidence they have before them that a contravention has occurred. 

The Council is committed to give a fair, transparent and consistent approach to dealing with correspondence at all times throughout the appeals process.

The aim of the Council is to respond to all informal challenges within 14 days, and formal representations within the required 56 days timeframe. For further information on parking policy and enforcement visit our how to pay a parking fine page. or the Patrol UK website.


Parking PCN's - Reasons for Cancellation 2019 to 2020

The table shows the reasons for cancellation of a PCN following receipt of either an informal challenge or representation. Grounds for challenges and representations can be found our Parking Enforcement Policy.

Cancellation reason 2018/19Number of PCNs cancelled
Challenge - General (for example, additional evidence provided)411
Challenge - Blue Badge Warning52
Challenge - Loading15
Challenge - Valid P&D229
Challenge - Valid Permit261
Challenge - CEO Error107
Representation - General (for example, additional evidence provided)11
Representation - Over 56 Days3
Representation - Valid P&D1
Representation - Valid Permit3

Total number of cancelled PCNs is 1093.

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