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Bulky waste collections - full terms and conditions

Items covered on a bulky waste collection

All items that are for removal need to be listed when you book your collection to avoid any items being taken by mistake.
Items such as carpets and lino must be in one roll under 6ft in height or in bags. Each roll/bag would be classed as one item.
We will only collect up to 2 fridges or freezers.


We charge £20 for up to six items. Payment is taken when you book. We do not charge handling fees for Debit or Credit cards.

Cancellations and changes

Cancellation and changes to items and dates can be made by telephone, by calling 01642 391959. 
Cancellations and changes can only be made up to 4pm on the working day before the collection. No changes can be made after this time. 
If items are not ready in the specified location on the collection date and times given, a refund will not be issued and you will need to request another collection. 
Sometimes scrap collectors can remove some or all the items before we can collect, however please be aware that no refunds can be given unless cancellation takes place before 4pm on the working days before the scheduled collection date.

Collection times

At the time of making your online booking you will be given the earliest day we can collect your items. Upon successful payment you can then amend this date. Collections of different types of items may be on different dates, but you will be able to view this when you are booking.
Collection vehicles may differ depending on the type of bulky household waste that want removing so you may be allocated 2 different collection dates.
Please note we offer our bulky waste service Monday to Saturday, metals are Mondays and Thursdays and general collections are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
Collections will take place between of 7am and 4pm.

Location and collection points

If you live in a high rise property your items must be left in the bin store. This must be done either the morning of the collection before 7am or the night before.
Your collection will take place from the most accessible point of the property, usually your wheelie bin collection point.  In most cases this will be at the front of your property. If your property backs onto an alley way then leave your items there for collection.
All items need to be at the edge of your property, do not leave them on roads or pathways. Under no circumstances can our collection staff enter houses or garages. All items must be left outside.
All items listed for collection must easily fit through any gates or passage ways.
Dogs should be kept inside your property, when our operatives are carrying out the collection.


Do not put mattresses and sofas out too far ahead of collection day. In poor weather conditions these items can become very wet and heavy so need to be suitably covered by something like a plastic sheet.  If an item becomes wet and too heavy to move, this item will not be collected, and no refund will be given.
Items such as fridges and freezers must be empty, or they will not be removed.
The area specified for collection must be clean and clear of any dog foul or the collection will be cancelled and no refund will be given.