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Council sets out 'Powering our Future' plans to improve outcomes for residents

15 January 2024
SBC Logo at 1140 x 720

SBC Logo at 1140 x 720

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council is promising to be "bold, brave and innovative" as transformation work across the authority gathers pace. 

The Council's 'Powering our Future' programme has been set out in a new report which details how the authority plans to deliver better outcomes for residents across the Borough.

There will be five strands to the work - communities, partnerships, transformation, colleagues and regeneration.

This follows on from a promise to "act quickly" when this year's budget discussions began last month.

"We know we must think differently and creatively as we strive to achieve the best for our residents, which is why we have brought forward the Powering our Future plan," said the Council's Leader, Councillor Bob Cook.

He continued: "But we are a very strong Council and we are going to be bold, brave and innovative in our work which will not only save money, but can also reshape how we do things for the better.

"And this work is really ramping up now, such as the formation of the 'Making it Real Board', which will put residents with lived experience at the forefront of our decision making.

"Plus, a number of reviews are underway across a range of areas within the authority which have been identified as where we can make the biggest difference with transformation, such as admin and business service, fleet management and waste collection.

"And of course, our regeneration and economic growth will be critical and the exciting work being undertaken will help ensure that Stockton-on-Tees continues to be a very attractive place to live, work and play.

"This will help ensure there are more employment opportunities and reduce demand on services. The ambitious plans for a Care and Health Zone are progressing nicely too."

The report on the Powering our Future programme will be discussed by the Council's Cabinet on Thursday (January 18).

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