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Farm animal health

We are responsible for promoting and enforcing animal health standards at farms, markets, abattoirs and other places where livestock is kept.

Our Animal Health Service is responsible for enforcing legislation related to:

  • preventing, controlling and eradicating animal disease
  • protecting the welfare of animals on agricultural holdings, in transit and at markets
  • safeguarding human health and the food chain from transmissible diseases

Disease risk assessments

Our Animal Health Officers carry out a disease risk assessment of all livestock farms in the Borough using a format set out in the Animal Health and Welfare Framework Agreement.

The Officers categorise each premises as either high, medium, or low risk. This categorisation enables us to decide which farms we will visit first.

Officers check all livestock related documentation including:

  • flock and herd records of all movements on and off the premises
  • veterinary medicine records
  • animal by-products disposal route

We also check whether you comply with current livestock tagging and ID legislation.

Contact us

Contact the animal welfare team if you have any questions or concerns about animal health.