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Civic Dignitaries

 The following list shows former Mayors of the Borough dating back to 1974/1975.

Mayors from 2000 to 2022



2022 to 2023

Ross Patterson

2021 to 2022

Kevin Faulks

2020 to 2021

Mohammed Javed

2019 to 2020

Lynn Hall

2018 to 2019

Eileen Johnson

2017 to 2018

Maurice Perry

2016 to 2017

Ken Dixon

2015 to 2016

Ian Dalgarno

2014 to 2015

Barbara Inman

2013 to 2014

Kathryn Nelson

2012 to 2013

Lynne Apedaile

2011 to 2012

Paul Baker

2010 to 2011

Colin Leckonby

2009 to 2010

Paul Kirton

2008 to 2009

John Fletcher

2007 to 2008

Bill Noble

2006 to 2007

Suzanne Fletcher MBE                   

2005 to 2006

Mick Stoker

2004 to 2005

Jennie Beaumont

2003 to 2004

Ann Cains

2002 to 2003

Jean O' Donnell

2001 to 2002

Terry Bean

2000 to 2001

Pete Andrew


Mayors from 1989 to 2000

1999 to 2000Jean Kitchen
1998 to 1999Ann McCoy
1997 to 1998Barry Woodhouse
1996 to 1997Robert Gibson
1995 to 1996Dora Redican
1994 to 1995Keith Dobinson
1993 to 1994James Matthew Vaughan
1992 to 1993John Stephen Smailes
1991 to 1992Michael O' Brien
1990 to 1991Gladys Pragnell
1989 to 1990Harry Lonsdale Davies, MBE          


Mayors from 1980 to 1989

1988 to 1989Winifred Hodgson, MBE
1987 to 1988Malda Platts
1986 to 1987Kenneth William Johnson Craggs
1985 to 1986Sydney Redican
1984 to 1985Jack Munsey, JP
1983 to 1984Alan Roland Pragnell
1982 to 1983Brian Cooper Hodgson
1981 to 1982John McKie Scott, JP
1980 to 1981Derek Cooke


Mayors from 1974 to 1980

1979 to 1980James Henry Cooke
1978 to 1979Robert Dobson
1977 to 1978Lawrence Wild, JP
1976 to 1977James Albert Tatchell                  
1975 to 1976Norman Duff
1974 to 1975John Dyson


Freemen of the Borough

The Honorary Freeman of the Borough is given to someone in recognition of their services to the Stockton Borough. Stockton Borough currently has a total of 20 Honorary Freeman, who have made an important contribution to the Borough. The following people have been granted Honorary Freemen of the Borough:

22 July 2015Robert Gibson (O.B.E.)
1 December 20111 Close Support Battalion R.E.M.E.
8 July 2009The Yorkshire Regiment
21 January 2009The Rifles
29 April 1999Mary Butterwick
13 September 1991Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Leslie Cohen (OBE, TD, CPM, JP), James Henry Cooke and Margaret Eileen Jackson (MBE, JP)
24 July 1985Major Edward Cooper (VCJP)
22 May 1977The Light Infantry Regiment
23 May 1968The Rt. Hon. Horace Maybray King (PhD, MP), the Rt. Hon. Maurice Harold MacMillan (FRS), George Rowland Chetwynd Esq (CBE) and Mrs Helen M. Bott (BEM)
14 February 1956Charles William Allison (OBE, JP)
16 April 1931Thomas Downey
10 February 1927Leonard Ropner (JP)
21 February 1921Robert Bainbridge
29 April 1907Sir Frank Brown
19 February 1904Richard Hind and Jonathan Samual
5 February 1891Sir Robert Ropner (BART)


Honorary Aldermen

The Council can also give the title of Honorary Alderman to previous Councillors who are no longer serving on the Council. If an Honorary Alderman is subsequently re-elected to the Council, the title would be suspended and re-enacted at the end of the Councillors term of office. The following people have been awarded the title of Honorary Alderman:

22 November 2023Mr Ken Dixon
22 November 2023Mr Bill Woodhead MBE
20 September 2023Mr Mohammed Javed
20 September 2023Mrs Jean O'Donnell
20 September 2023Mr Paul Kirton
20 September 2023Mr Maurice Perry
20 September 2023Mr Mike Smith
25 May 2022Julia Cherret (posthumously)
25 May 2022Paul Baker
25 May 2022Kathryn Nelson
14 March 2018Peter Mallinson
20 December 2017Stephen Smailes
9 March 2016Marjorie Galloway (MBE) and Keith Leonard
28 October 2015Jeremy Atkinson, Alex Cunningham
22 July 2015Lynne Apedaile, Richard Cains, David Coleman, Maurice Frankland, Robert Gibson (O.B.E), Colin Leckonby, Kenneth Lupton, William Noble, Maureen Rigg, Fred Salt, Andrew Sherris (title on hold due to re-election in May 2019), Steve Walmsley, Mary Womphrey, Michael Womphrey.
7 September 2011Jennie Beaumont, Ann Cains, John A Fletcher, Suzanne Fletcher (MBE)
5 September 2007Joan Wade
6 September 2006Ann McCoy (title on hold due to re-election in May 2007)
22 March 2006James Henry Cooke
24 March 2004Keith Dobinson
18 February 2004Winifred Hodgson (MBE)
13 September 2000Robert Dobson and James Albert Tachell
29 March 2000Derek Cooke, Kenneth William Craggs, Harry Davies (MBE), John Dyson, Brian Cooper Hodgson, Dora Redican, Sydney Redican, John McKie Scott (OBE, JP, MA), Sir Maurice Sutherland, Maureen Taylor (MBE, JP), James Matthew Vaughan, Lawrence Wild (OBE, JP), Edward Wood.