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2021.10.29 Recall: Lictin - 4 in 1 Kid Musical Instruments Piano Xylophone Phone

The following notice has been issued by the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Lictin Early Educational Music Toy - 4 in 1 Kid Musical Instruments Learning Piano Instruments Toys with Light Xylophone Phone Sound Toy Set for Baby


Alert number

Product type
Toys - Musical Toys

Product identifiers

Product description
Musical multifunctional xylophone board set with a toy phone and mirror

Country of origin


Risk level

Risk type
Strangulation and asphyxiation

Risk description
The toy poses a serious risk of strangulation as the toy phone cords touch at their tangle points when the gauge X is in place and have combined lengths greater than the maximum authorised value of 300 mm. The bag made of flexible plastics containing the toys has an area of 186 mm x 128 mm but its average thickness is 0.035 mm, (which is less than the minimum permissible of 0.038 mm), posing a potential asphyxiation hazard to young children. The product does not meet the requirements of the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

Corrective measures
The product has been recalled from end users

Online marketplace
Amazon - The listing has been removed by the online marketplace

Office for Product Safety and Standards

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