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2021.09.17 Recall: Plastic Magnetic Fishing Set

The following notice has been issued by the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

15pcs Plastic Magnetic Fishing Set

Fishing set

Alert number

Product type
Toys - Magnetic Fishing Toy

Product identifiers
AliExpress Number: 4001118448877

Product description
Plastic magnetic fishing toy packaged in yellow and blue cardboard packaging. Fishing rods contain small magnets on the end of the line, to attach to the magnets on the small plastic fish.

Country of origin


Risk level

Risk type
Choking and injuries

Risk description
The product presents a high risk of choking as the magnetic component of the fishing rod became accessible at forces less than the permissible minimum which fit entirely within the small parts cylinder. The product also presents a risk of injuries as the magnetic flux index of these parts is 76 kG² mm², greater than the limit of 50 kG² mm². If two or more magnets were swallowed, there is a risk that the magnets become drawn to each other in the digestive system, which could cause serious injury or death if medical attention is not sought immediately. Additionally, the product does not meet all the marking requirements of the relevant standard, including warnings relating to specific hazards. The product does not meet the requirements of the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

Corrective measures
We recommend owners stop using this product immediately. Contact the distributor you purchased from, to request redress.

Online marketplace
AliExpress - The listing has been removed by the online marketplace

Office for Product Safety and Standards

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