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2021.09.03 Recall: Gazelle Makki - cargo bike with electrical support

The following notice has been issued by the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Gazelle Makki cargo bike

Alert number

Product type
Hobby / sports equipment - cargo bike

Product identifiers

Product description
Gazelle Makki cargo bike with electrical support / assistance.

Country of origin


Risk level

Risk type

Risk description
This product poses a risk to the user because the threaded rod, positioned at the ball joint that forms part of the steering rod, can break under exceptional circumstances. The failing ball joint will lead to a complete loss of (steering) control of the front wheel on the cargo bike. In such a scenario, most riders would instinctively bring the bike to an emergency stop, in doing so, causing themselves to fall from the bike. The product does not meet the requirements of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005.

Corrective measures
Recall of product from end users of the product at the border

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Office for Product Safety and Standards

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