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2021.07.30 Recall: Birkenstock - kids' shoe model Mogami

The following notice appears on the Birkenstock website.

Preventive product recall: kids' shoe model Mogami

Dear customers,

For reasons of preventive consumer health protection, Birkenstock Global Sales GmbH recalls the kids' model Mogami.

Within the framework of our regular quality checks, we have found that, in rare cases, the rivet of the Mogami model may come off when the ankle strap is exposed to a heavy strain.

Even though it is highly unlikely, a potential health risk for small children (aged 0-3) cannot be excluded as they may swallow or inhale the small part.

The safety and health of our customers takes priority over all other interests. Within the framework of preventive consumer protection we therefore, as a purely precautionary measure, stop the sale of this model in the sizes 24-28 and recall any and all items already sold.

The following items in the sizes 24-28 are affected by the recall:

  • 1019672 Mogami Kids BF Icy Acid Lime Black
  • 1020565 Mogami Kids BF Icy Active Red Black
  • 1019306 Mogami Kids BF Black Black
  • 1020251 Mogami Kids BF Icy Bright Violet Pink
  • 1020886 Mogami Kids BF Carbone Navy
  • 1021066 Mogami Kids BF Desert Soil Camo Khaki
  • 1020243 Mogami BF Icy BTS Purple Fog Violet
  • 1019514 Mogami Kids BF Icy Purple Fog Pink
  • 1020271 Mogami BF Icy BTS Blue Lime Black
  • 1019466 Mogami Kids BF Icy Ultrablue Black


We kindly ask all customers who have purchased one of the articles affected to return it to the place of purchase or send it back to the respective online shop from which the article was purchased. The purchase price will of course also be refunded without a receipt being presented.

Please also check all sandals of this model from size 28 upwards for any defects. We are willing to also take back these products on a voluntary basis free of charge.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via telephone at +49 (0) 2683 9359 1100 or the contact form.

We very much regret this incident and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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