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2021.07.30 Recall: Burley - Ballz QR Skewers

The following notice has been issued by the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Burley Ballz QR Skewers


Alert number

Product type
Hobby / Sports Equipment

Product identifiers
Model No. 960220, 960222, 960219
UPC 840840010582, UPC 840840010599, UPC 840840010612

Product description
The Ballz QR Skewer is a Quick Release bicycle axle used to attach the Coho XC Trailer to a bicycle.

Country of origin


Risk level

Risk type

Risk description
Burley has identified that the Ballz QR Skewer may fail in use. Burley has received warranty reports that the axle portion of the skewer has sheared when initially installed and/or during use with the Coho XC Cargo Trailer. If the skewer fails while riding, the Coho XC Cargo Trailer could become partially separated from the bicycle leaving only one of two tow arms connected to the bicycle. This could cause instability of the trailer and the towing bicycle and pose a fall hazard for the bicycle rider.

Corrective measures
The product has been recalled from end users. Further information can be found on the recall site:

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