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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans for helping our communities prosper

Big plans for helping our communities prosper

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Communities lie at the very heart of what makes the Borough so strong and so amazing. Which is why we actively encourage and support our communities to prosper and grow by creating an environment where everyone feels empowered, where those who want to become involved are supported and recognised, and where everyone can have an equal say.

We know that the stronger we make our communities and make everyone feel involved, the more we celebrate their diversity and identity, then the happier, healthier and more successful our Borough will be. We want everybody here to feel the benefits of a more cohesive, caring and vibrant community.

This page will be updated with information about our policies and plans so that you are able to keep up to date with key developments.


Food Banks

You will find a list of food banks operating across the Borough which provide food, toiletries and advice in an emergency. For further information on this please see our attached Emergency Food Aid Information Directory. 



Fairtrade is about addressing poverty in the developing world through better prices.

By buying Fairtrade certified products you're giving farmers a chance to sell their products at a stable price that covers their costs and enables them to support their families and invest in a better future.

Stockton was awarded Fairtrade Borough Status in July 2007 and is now supported by a wide range of organisations and individuals including Stockton Borough Council, the RSPB, Durham University Queen’s Campus, Vela Housing, churches, community groups, schools, restaurants and shops.

Stockton Council supports the Fairtrade campaign by using only Fairtrade products at all official meetings.

All of the five major Trade Unions in the Tees Valley area and the Youth Assembly have expressed their support for the Fairtrade movement.

Visit the Stockton Fairtrade Facebook page for further information.


Scrutiny of Strong Communities Policies

The Council's Corporate and Social Inclusion Select Committee monitors and evaluates the way in which we work and how policies are being implemented and developed.


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