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Big plans for helping our communities prosper

Big plans for helping our communities prosper

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Communities lie at the very heart of what makes the Borough so strong and so amazing. Which is why we actively encourage and support our communities to prosper and grow by creating an environment where everyone feels empowered, where those who want to become involved are supported and recognised, and where everyone can have an equal say. 

We know that the stronger we make our communities and make everyone feel involved, the more we celebrate their diversity and identity, then the happier, healthier and more successful our Borough will be. We want everybody here to feel the benefits of a more diverse, cohesive, caring and vibrant community.

We also work alongside Stockton’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector on a whole range of both strategic developments in the Borough and working actively to support our communities in being engaged in what we do. For more details please visit the Catalyst Stockton website. 

The Stockton Local Strategic Partnership brings together different parts of the public sector as well as private, business, community and voluntary sector and also come together to help deliver The Brighter Borough For All - Tackling Poverty Framework which sets out a plan for tackling poverty in the Borough.

To find out more details on how you can make a difference and get involved in community life in the borough have a look through our stronger communities’ pages for more details.

These pages will be updated with information about our policies and plans so that you are able to keep up to date with key developments.


Strong Communities

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