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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Big Community Switch

big community switch

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council is continuing to support the Big Community Switch throughout 2017.

The Council promotes the Big Community Switch as it is a safe and simple way for our residents to save money on their fuel bills.

The switch that took place in October 2016 produced an average estimated saving of £214 a year for our residents who registered and took part.

How do I get a Good Deal?

First step - sign up and register it’s free and without any obligation.

On 23 May 2017 a variety of energy companies will compete to become the energy supplier for the customers that have signed up for the switch.  The winning company will be the one that offers the best value for money deal. The more customers that are signed up and registered to switch the more competitive the deal is likely to be.

From 5 June 2017 you will receive your personal offer highlighting how much you might save. If you choose to accept this no obligation offer you will need to follow the online instructions to make the switch.

How Do I Register?

Follow the link below and complete the simple online form to take part in the switch.

The Big Community Switch

Registration is open now until Midnight on 23 May 2017. It really helps if you have a recent energy bill handy when you are ready to register.

If you don’t have access to a computer or you would like some help and support with registering to switch call Stephen Shaw at Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council on 01642 526446.

I rent my home, can I take part?

Yes. To take part you must have an energy bill in your or your partner’s name.

I have a prepayment /key card meter, can I take part?

Yes. If there are enough registrations from prepayment customers an offer will be made*; the more people registering, the more competitive the offer is likely to be.

*you must not be more than £500 in debt to your current fuel supplier to switch.


The opportunity to save money on your business energy bills continues….

It’s not just households that can switch to a better value energy tariff – businesses can do the same. We have teamed up with ‘iChoosr’ and ‘Make It Cheaper’ to help your business or community group secure a better energy deal.

The process works a little differently, but if you've never switched your business gas or electricity then you could cut your bills by as much as 30%.

Make It Cheaper can compare prices from different suppliers, help you choose the right tariff and set up your contract, saving your business time and reducing your energy costs.

Find out more about Make it Cheaper.

Please note: The process of switching your business gas or electricity isn't quite the same as switching your home energy, so this isn’t directly part of the Big Community Switch.