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Freedom of Information (FOI)

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives every person the right to access information recorded and held by local councils subject to certain conditions and exemptions.

The intention of the Act is to provide a culture of greater openness and accountability for public organisations.

Did you know many of the answers given to questions asked can be found on our website?

Our website is reviewed regularly and updated with periodical reports.

You can find information on the following pages which may answer your questions

You can also use the Search facility on any of our pages by typing in key words to find information.

We have a duty to respond to information requests and will be able to tell you if information is available.

Tell us what information you would like to access and how you would like to access the information, for example; inspect a document at a Stockton Council office or receive information by email or post.

We may take into account the cost of supplying the information in the form you request.

When the Council receives a request for information, we will consider the request and respond by no later than 20 working days after receiving your request, or on receipt of any fee which is payable.

For your request to be valid you must

  • Put your request in writing
  • Include a name
  • Include a contact email or postal address

Details of where to send your request can be found in the contact section to the right of this page.

If your request is refused you can ask for the decision to be reviewed by the team. If, after a review, the Council still refuses your request, you may ask the Information Commissioner to review that decision.