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Tees Valley Combined Authority Mayoral Election

The next Tees Valley Mayoral Election will be held in 2021. The election has been delayed for 1 year due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Role of the Tees Valley Combined Authority Mayor

The Tees valley Mayor is accountable to and represents around 670,000 people across all five boroughs in the Tees Valley. Their primary role is to steer the work of the Tees Valley Combined Authority – the body that drives economic growth and job creation in the area. The job of the Mayor ranges from setting budgets and priorities for economic development, transport, infrastructure and skills to acting as an ambassador for our region to attract inward investment.

The Combined Authority is not a “super-council” or another version of Cleveland County Council – the five Tees Valley councils will continue to exist in their own right, delivering local services and meeting the day-to-day needs of residents. The Mayor and Combined Authority do not replace, nor can they overrule, local councils.

In exchange for more powers and control over local budgets, the Tees Valley agreed to elect a Mayor who would act as a single point of accountability – to both local people and central Government.

Devolution means having more control over how and where we spend the money we have. It means we can design services and find ways of working that better meet the needs of the Tees Valley and the people that live, work and invest here. It also means we can boost our economy and reinvest money back into the region to where it is needed most.

The Tees Valley Mayor is able to make some decisions independently, but others involve consultation with, and approval of, all five leaders of our local councils in the Tees Valley. Some decisions need unanimous support, others need a majority.

An election was held on Thursday 4 May 2017 to elect the first Mayor of the Tees Valley Combined Authority. View the results from the May 2017 Tees Valley Mayoral Election.