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Tees Valley Combined Authority Mayoral Election

An election was held on Thursday 4 May 2017 to elect the first Mayor of the Tees Valley Combined Authority. More information about the role of the Mayor is available on the Tees Valley Mayor website.

The result of the election can be found below.



First Preference Votes

Second Preference Votes


Foote-Wood, Chris

Liberal Democrat




Houchen, Ben

Conservative Party Candidate



48,578 ELECTED

Jeffrey, Susan Jennifer, commonly known as Sue Jeffrey

Labour and Co-operative Party




Tennant, John David Edward

UK Independence Party (UKIP)




* If elected, the word 'ELECTED' appears against the number of votes.

Full results are available within the Certificate of Verification Appendix.


Notice of Election - Legal announcement about the  election on 4 May 2017. 

Statement of Persons Nominated - the names of the candidates wanting to be elected as the new Mayor of the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Notice of Poll

Situation of Polling Stations


Information about the Candidates

Prior to the election, every person entitled to vote had an Election Booklet delivered to their home. It will include important information about the candidates standing for election and how to vote. An online version of the booklet was also be made available once it has been published.

Details about the Candidates and voting arrangements in the other Tees Valley Local Authorities are available on the website of the Combined Authority Returning Officer. 

Notice of Election Agents Names and Offices

Important Deadline Dates

  • Nomination of Candidates
    The deadline for completed nomination papers to be returned to the Combined Authority Returning Officer was 4pm on Tuesday 4 April 2017.  The details of those who submitted their papers to stand as candidates are listed on the above 'Statement of Persons Nominated.'   
  • Voter Registration
    If you are not registered to vote, you must do so by Thursday 13 April 2017 to be able to vote in this election.   
  • Postal Vote Applications
    New applications for a postal vote must be returned by 5pm on Tuesday 18 April 2017.
  • Proxy Vote Applications
    New applications for a proxy vote must be returned by 5pm on Tuesday 25 April 2017.                                                      

How will you vote? - If you are likely to be away, or would find it difficult to get to your Polling Station, please consider applying for a postal or proxy vote .


Information for Prospective Candidates and Agents