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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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Parish and Town Council Elections


Community Governance Review - Grindon Parish

Following receipt of a 'valid' petition calling for Grindon to be split into two separate parishes, Stockton Council carried out a consultation with all local government electors in Grindon Parish to seek their views about the proposal.

The petition stated:

“Thorpe Thewles village is part of Grindon Parish Council. The Parish Council works for you and your community influencing planning, fly tipping, environmental issues and local matters. It is also a link to Stockton Borough Council Departments.

From the maps you can see Grindon Parish Council is in two areas, Grindon East which is mainly Wynyard Park and Grindon West which consists of Thorpe Thewles and The Elms near Junction Road.

Over the years the demands and needs of these communities in Grindon West and Grindon East have become more and more diverse due to the number of houses in each area. There are approximately 800 houses in Wynyard and another 400 planned making a total of 1,200 whilst in Grindon West there are approximately 200 homes.

There is a feeling among some residents that the Grindon Parish Council should be split into separate areas and manage their own affairs.”

Consultation responses findings and recommendations were considered at council meetings on 3 May 2017 and 21 June 2017, and the Council agreed that:

  1. Grindon Parish be abolished and Grindon Parish Council be dissolved and that two new parishes and parish councils are created based on the ward boundaries of Grindon East and Grindon West;  
  1. The new parish in the Grindon West Ward be called Grindon and Thorpe Thewles Parish and the new parish in the Grindon East Ward be called Wynyard Parish; 
  1. Grindon and Thorpe Thewles Parish Council comprise 6 Parish Councillors and Wynyard Parish Council comprise seven Parish Councillors; 
  1. A re-organisation order be made to implement the changes which will come into force at the next ordinary parish elections in May 2019. 


Parish Polls

Parish polls provide an opportunity for local electors to express an opinion on a specific local subject, either by giving an answer to a question, or an appointment to any office. Ten electors or one third of electors present and voting at a relevant Parish Meeting (whichever number is less), may demand a poll on a question or the appointment to an office. There is no provision for the issue of poll cards or absent voting (postal or proxies). Polling is only in person at your local polling station. A Notice will be put up in the parish not less than 5 days before the poll Polling will be from 4pm to 9pm The result is not binding on the Parish or Unitary Council.


Recent Elections

Billingham Town Council Central Ward - By-Election

There was a by-election held on Thursday 20 April 2017 to elect a new Councillor to represent Billingham Central Ward on Billingham Town Council.

Clare Michelle Gamble (Labour Party) was elected.

For more information see the Declaration of Results


Yarm Town Council By-election 

There was a by-election held on Thursday 19 January 2017 to elect a new Councillor to represent Yarm Town Council.

Barbara Wegg (Yarm Residents Association) was elected.

For further information, see the Declaration of results


Billingham Town Council South Ward

Following the Notice of Election for the vacant seat on Billingham Town Council - Billingham South Ward only one nomination was received and therefore the election was uncontested.  

Notice of Uncontested Election


Elton Parish Council

A recent Community Governance Review took place regarding the future of Elton Parish Council, following a prolonged period of inactivity. This led to the decision to seek the election of new parish councillors to continue its existence.

Notice of Uncontested Election for Elton Parish Council 


Result of the Billingham Town Council Billingham North Ward By-Election*

Colin Leckonby was elected as the new councillor to represent Billingham North Ward on Billingham Town Council in a poll held on Thursday 10 December 2015. Details of the number of votes and turnout are available in the Declaration of Result below.

Declaration of Result for the Billingham North Ward By-Election

*A by-election takes place when there is a councillor vacancy in a ward (area) between full Town and Parish elections.  The next full Town and Parish elections are due to take place in 2019.   


Election of Parish Councillors for the Wards of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council Summary Results

Date of Election: Thursday 07 May 2015

Contested Elections:

Ingleby Barwick East

Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes*
BARNES, Michael Stefan commonly known as Stefan BARNES Ingleby Barwick Independent Society  2,723 ELECTED
BOWMAN, Thomas Wilson commonly known as Tom BOWMAN Independent Since 1985  1,499 ELECTED
DALBY, Douglas Robert commonly known as Doug DALBY UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,284
ENGLISH, Philip Malcolm Independent  1,305 ELECTED
RUTLAND, Jennifer Anne commonly known as Jenny RUTLAND Ingleby Barwick Independent Society   2,496 ELECTED
STRIKE, Edward Albert commonly known as Ted STRIKE UK Independence Party (UKIP)  1,407 ELECTED
THOMAS, Cherylann commonly known as Cheryl THOMAS Independent Resident  1,455 ELECTED

* If elected, the word 'ELECTED' appears against the number of votes.

Electorate: 7,122          Turnout: 67.4%


Mandale & Victoria 

Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes*
BAILEY, Ian James Labour Party  1,844 ELECTED
BAILEY, Sonia Maria Labour Party  1,787 ELECTED
HILLS, Michael commonly known as Mick HILLS Labour Party  1,675 ELECTED
KENNINGTON, David George commonly known as Dave KENNINGTON Thornaby Independent Association  1,470
KHALIQ, Zabear Commonly known as Zeb KHALIQ Thornaby Independent Association  1,325
LARGE, Patricia Marie commonly known as Pat LARGE Thornaby Independent Association  1,545 ELECTED
LARGE, Christina Elsie, commonly known as Tina LARGE Thornaby Independent Association  1,596 ELECTED
MAXWELL, Karina Marie Thornaby Independent Association  1,360 
ROWLING, Paul Labour Party  1,495
STOTT, Tracey Leigh Labour Party  1,637 ELECTED
TRAINER, Michael commonly known as Mick TRAINER Thornaby Independent Association  1,542
WALMSLEY, Stephen Francis commonly known as Steve WALMSLEY Thornaby Independent Association  1,670 ELECTED

* If elected, the word 'ELECTED' appears against the number of votes.

Electorate: 7,650          Turnout: 53.3%


Stainsby Hill

Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes*
BROWN, Derrick Thomas Labour Party  1,080 ELECTED
FINEGAN, James Patrick commonly known as Jim FINEGAN Labour Party  828
GODWIN, Raymond commonly known as Ray GODWIN Thornaby Independent Association  1,156 ELECTED
GOWLAND, Sean Robert Thornaby Independent Association  1,042
HARRIS, Andrew    200
MILBURN, Catherine Anne commonly known as Cath MILBURN Labour Party  936
WALMSLEY, Sylvia May Thornaby Independent Association  1,209 ELECTED

* If elected, the word 'ELECTED' appears against the number of votes.

Electorate: 4,865          Turnout: 56.5%



Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes*
DALGARNO, Ian John Thornaby Independent Association  1,931 ELECTED
EASTICK, Glenn Vincent Thornaby Independent Association 1,558 ELECTED 
MOORE, Michael commonly known as Mick MOORE Thornaby Independent Association 1,851 ELECTED 
ROBINSON, Beryl Labour Party 1,026 
STAMMERS, Marsha Gillian Labour Party 845 
WRIGHT, Craig Labour Party 788 

* If elected, the word 'ELECTED' appears against the number of votes.

Electorate: 5,382          Turnout: 62.7%



Name of Candidate Description Number of Votes*
CASEY, Carolyn commonly known as Lyn CASEY Yarm Residents Association  1,638 ELECTED
BASSETT, Maria Margaret commonly known as Maria Margaret CONNOR BASSETT Yarm Independent Association  1,202
COULSON, John Herbert commonly known as Jaycee COULSON Yarm Residents Association  1,445
HADLOW, Jason Lee Yarm Residents Association  1,585 ELECTED
HOLMES, Frederick William commonly known as Fred HOLMES Yarm Independent Association  1,516 ELECTED
JONES, Carole Elaine Yarm Independent Association  1,295
JUDGE, Alan Kirby    1,038
LAWSON, Jacqueline Paula commonly known as Jaxx LAWSON Yarm Residents Association  1,237
MCLEAVY, Sandra Elizabeth Doreen Yarm Residents Association  1,501 ELECTED
MEAKIN, Lorraine Yarm Residents Association  1,584 ELECTED
MONCK, Peter Joseph Yarm Independent Association  1,524 ELECTED
MORTON, Patrick Anthony commonly known as Paddy MORTON Yarm Independent Association  1,058
MOTHERSDALE, John Brian Yarm Residents Association  1,272
NEIL, Christopher Yarm Independent Association  1,687 ELECTED
PINKNEY, Jennifer Yvonne Yarm Independent Association  1,340
ROY, Peter Charles Yarm Independent Association  1,035
SHERRIS, Andrew Bickers Liddell Yarm Independent Association  1,791 ELECTED
SIMPSON, John George Yarm Independent Association  1,069
SIMPSON, Marjorie Yarm Independent Association  1,531 ELECTED
SMAILES, Pamela Yarm Residents Association  1,376
STUBBS, Laura Emma Yarm Residents Association  1,469
TEBBS, Philip Graham commonly known as Phil TEBBS Yarm Residents Association  1,667 ELECTED
WEBSTER, Charles Alan Graeme Independent  707
WEGG, Robert commonly known as Bob WEGG Yarm Residents Association  1,760 ELECTED

* If elected, the word 'ELECTED' appears against the number of votes.

Electorate: 6,638           Turnout: 73.7%