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Complaints, compliments or comment about Stockton Council services

The council has a corporate complaints procedure, which ensures that complaints, compliments and comments are dealt with quickly, fairly and consistently.

Make an online compliment, complaint or comment about Stockton Council Services

Contact us by telephone on 01642 527521 between 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can email the team at [email protected].


Make a Complaint

We try to provide the best possible service but we know that we don't get it right every time and if you have a problem we want to know so we can improve the services we provide to our residents.

If you make a complaint we will look carefully at the issue(s) you have raised and respond as quickly as possible. Generally this will be within 10 workings days. However, some issues involving Childrens Services or Adults and Health may take up to 20 working days to investigate fully. 

If you want to complaint about a service provided by Adult Services it may be dealt with under the Adults Statutory Complaints process. Further details can be found by visiting our Adult Social Care pages.

If you wish to complain about services provide to you or your family by Childrens Services this may be dealt with under the Childrens Statutory Complaints process. Further details can be found by visiting our Childrens Services pages.


Support to make your complaint.

If you want to share your views with the Council about a service we provide, but need some support to do this, you can ask someone to act as your ‘advocate’. An advocate is someone who can support you to express your views and wishes, and can help you to raise a concern or make a complaint.  They can contact the Council on your behalf if you agree to them doing so.  The Council will only discuss your concerns with an advocate after you have given your consent for us to do so (see our Privacy Notices page).

An advocates’ role is to listen to your views and concerns and help you to explore your options. They can provide information to help you make an informed decision, accompany you to meetings and contact us on your behalf.   An advocate should not give their personal opinion, try to make decisions for you or make judgements about you. 

Professional advocacy services can be accessed through some organisations and charities. Friends, family and carers can also act as an advocate.

Below are the details of some advocacy services that are available;

  • If you are a child or young person the National Youth Advocacy Service can provide individual advocacy and arrange of information, advice and support to ensure your voice is heard when decisions are being made about you.


Make a Compliment

We know that many council employees provide fantastic levels of service and really do go that extra mile to ensure that the needs of our customers are taken care of.  If you have received extraordinary service from one of our team members or service areas, we'd love to find out more.

We will pass on your feedback to the staff involved. 


Make a Comment

We will consider carefully all comments that are received to see how we can improve our services. Do you think there is a way that we could improve the services we offer? Please share your ideas with us.


Unhappy with the councils handling of your complaint?

Should you be unhappy with the way the Council has dealt with your complaint you can Contact the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.