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Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

Big plans, bright future

Johnson, Eileen


Councillor Eileen Johnson represents Norton South Ward and was elected in 2011 after previously representing Stockton Council between 1999 - 2007.

Councillor Johnson holds ward surgeries where members of the public can call in to discuss any issues that they may have.

Ward Surgeries

5pm - 6pm 

02 January 2018 Albany Resource Centre
16 January 2018  Dance Academy, Edgar Street
06 February 2018 Albany Resource Centre
20 February 2018 Dance Academy, Edgar Street
06 March 2018 Albany Resource Centre
20 March 2018 Dance Academy, Edgar Street


Norton South Ward Information

Improved Street Lighting
Norton South Ward street lighting is presently being upgraded to benefit from the Council’s £14million investment. This is a 3 year programme to replace 28,000 street lights around the borough with super efficient LED lighting and replacement of all the old concrete street lighting columns. As well as being cheaper to run and maintain, this will save the council £1.6m per year which will help offset this government’s cuts to the council’s budget. The new lighting can be directed better onto roads and pavements and footpaths rather than spilling into gardens and through windows.

The work is being undertaken by a directly employed Council team. Residents should have or had advance notice and information on a road by road basis. If you have any issues with the scheme please contact Phillip Hardie 01642 524081 or Bob and Eileen.

Cleveland Police
Information on your local neighbourhood team.

Stop Smoking
The Stockton and Hartlepool Stop Smoking Service is offering drop in sessions across the Borough to those people who wish to give up smoking. There will be help from trained advisors and prescriptions available for treatments such as nicotine replacement or other supporting medication. Stop Smoking Advisors can also monitor a smoker’s carbon monoxide levels so they can see the progress they are making and the effect it is having on their body.

For more details of the service and drop-in time table, please ring 01642 383819 or click the website link below to find out your nearest drop-in clinic or pharmacy one stop shop.

View the stop smoking drop in service timetable.

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